Charlie’s Story

iphone-6-plus-638374_1920Autism is a very sensitive subject to talk about and even to write about. Many people are not fully educated on autism and the many different levels there are to this condition. You would have to be a parent, guardian, or even someone who has worked with an autistic person to fully understand it. The many talents these individuals have are remarkable.

They use electronics to help with day to day task and even speak tho their parents. Our modern day technology helps these individuals to communicate, learn, write, transition, the list is endless. This article will share the story about a young autistic boy, his mom and dad who owned fayetteville limousines overcame many challenges in their life and business with the help of electronics.

compassion-857748_1920Charlie was diagnosed with autism when he was only 2 years old. His parents were in denial which is a natural reaction for some parents. They handle it pretty well being young parents. After his diagnosis his parents did everything they had to do to help their son. Playgroups, ABA, one on one therapy, at home therapy, Charlie was overwhelmed, but he did get through it. Charlie was nonverbal at the time when he started going to school, more one on one therapy plus speech therapy helped him when applied in schools.

Ever since Charlie was diagnosed he loved electronics whether it was phones, ipads, ipods, anything electronic fascinated him.  Also electronics calmed Charlie down when he was having a rough day, or if he tended to get mad or frustrated. Since this was something he was interested in, it calmed him down so his parents purchased him a laptop, and an ipad.

When Charlie was in school his classroom had both computers, and ipads. Since Charlie was a visual learner which meant anything he seen he learned just from viewing it.

All Charlie’s teachers, doctors, and therapists seen how much improvement he was doing with the help of having his ipad with him. Also with all the speech therapy and occupational therapy Charlie was now saying complete sentences. He would express how he was feeling when he was asked, he would ask for things or being very expressive. He went from nonverbal, to using one or two words, to making sentences and being more expressive with his parents, and the rest of his family.

Charlie learned a lot in school and with his therapy sessions every session he had his ipad with him. Even though he knew he had to work he just still needed to have it with him. That was his reward once he completed his session with his therapist, which he knew as well. Charlie is now 12 years old independent with some things, but will ask for help when he needs too. He has the latest tablet and his own laptop where he plays his games and listens to music when he gets upset. He is doing well in school and he does get rewarded with some time on the classroom ipad when he has completed his work. Electronics have helped him exceed high expectations, and without them who knows how things would have turned out for Charlie and his family.

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