Instant Gratification

eye-814954_1920Do you ever think about how much money we actually spend on material things, it is astonishing when you sit back and think about it. The American culture is addicted to having the latest and greatest devices on earth we simply want the best of everything that we come in contact with. It could be something we seen on television, magazine, online, or a friend. The more we see people with the latest and newest phone, sneaker, coat, purse etc, we as humans want it to be up to date with that trend.

Of course we need to be up to date with all of our mobile devices since everything is mobile and businesses are making that shift. Apps such as Uber make searching for the best party bus raleigh nc has to offer a breeze while the Handy app hooks us right up with a local plumber or maid service when we need it. So we are basically at the will of the latest and greatest technology. But can instant gratification be expensive. This post will touch base on how we spend money on the latest phones and apps to keep up with the Jones’s.

phone-918633_1920To some people it really doesn’t matter what kind of phone they have or newest gadget. Some people are content as long as they have a phone to stay connected to their friends and family. A lot of us give too much attention and time keeping up with what’s next. Most of us can barely afford these six hundred dollar phones. Many individuals who are on contracts with phone companies are locked in and will eventually have to spend more money to get out of their contract.

Large cell phone companies know how to get us, and keep us locked in with them. Some of us do need time to think about the long term commitment but we cannot stay away from the shiny object, so we sign up for that nine hundred dollar phone. Others don’t even blink the perks alone sell them into the latest IPhone, or Galaxy. Now, individuals like that are the ones who really can’t afford the phone, but will make payment arrangements with the phone company to pay for the phone. This is how they sell you, and then you are signing a contract with them.

I am not judging anyone on how they conduct business or handle their spending habits, but I have seen this with a lot of people, once they have the newest phone and play out all the features they are back to where they started. The next thing that happens is another version of the same phone you have will be coming out. We tend to want and need the newest version of anything especially with our mobile devices.

We are human and it is natural to have the best in life, but sometimes the best is something that we can’t afford. We somehow always find a way to make it happen, we get what we want regardless. I guess that is just a human instinct we all have, get what you crave for. Whether you have a new phone or an old phone it’s yours and you are the only one that pays the bill. At the end of the day what other’s have to say really doesn’t matter.

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