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apple-iphone-151237_1280Step outside your door and you are guaranteed to see someone on a cellphone. You walk down the street, on the train, bus, in a store. Everyone is always carrying a cellphone or an electronic device in. It is amazing how much we rely on these devices, to the point if we lose them, or leave them home we tend to feel lost without them.

We technically can not put them down thanks to apps that allow on demand services. For instance Uber has taken the transportation game by storm with their app, a ride is a click a way. The transportation industry is not alone, everything from your local plumbing to kitchener moving company has tons of apps available for on demand services help as well.

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We can list tons of mobile apps that have us by the neck and make it necessary for us to keep our cellphones nearby. I want to share a specific story on the emotional attachment we have to our mobile devices and how much we rely on them to function. I will use someone as an example, of course I got her permission with one condition, that she remain anonymous.

Cellphones have become more advanced, we have a variety of big phones and small phones some with more memory, some with better picture quality the list is endless. Plus, we tend to use them for many things as well. We shop on them, text, play games, use many social media platforms to stay connected with family and friends. Thousands of businesses rely on mobile devices to attract more business turning it into profit. Most of us have a new found appreciation for our cellphones to the point where without them we literally do not know how to function.

You may disagree with me, but it is possible that some individuals go insane if their cellphone breaks, or if they lose it, or even if they even simply leave it at home. It’s understandable to go crazy if you lose or break your phone, but if you know that you can order or buy another one why freak out? With an online order you would just have to be patient until it arrives in the mail, but in a store you would just have to set up everything all over again, which takes time too. Would you rather wait a couple of days, or hours for a replacement. We tend to still feel lost without our phones, and most of all disconnected from whatever is going on in the world no matter how long it takes to get replaced.

Whether it is business, social media, world news, local news, without our phones we are just disconnected from everything. I have witnessed a woman who had no kind of luck with cellphones. They would break, be defected, or she would lose them, no luck at all. The last phone she had she dropped it and shattered the screen. She had insurance which meant that she could order another one, she just had to pay additional charges, and so forth. They informed her that it would take 3-4 business days for her new phone to come.

During her wait period I watched her become irate, agitated, and frustrated because she wasn’t connected to her social media, she was so lost. It was only the third day and she kept telling me she felt naked without her phone. I could only laugh because I saw how much she relied on her phone for everything, if the phone the could help her breath she would have died on the spot. Once she got her phone back she was brand new and back on track with everything, she was her normal self again. It amazed me how much a mobile device can control one individual and the immense affect it had on their life. I will admit I love my cell phone, but I do not let it control my life like some people.

I personally try to take 24 hours out of a week without my device and see how I feel. I would suggest you try it’s like a hard reset of the brain, give it a shot and comment back let us know how it goes.

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