computer-158743_1280Our young generation of folks need to have the latest phone or gadget when it is released. Some parents cannot keep up with them all, from price to model, it’s all over the place. They may ask us for the newest tablet, or the latest iPhone, but we never want to spend so much money on a device reasons being, they might not deserve it, grades could be low, money can be low etc. There are many excuses we can give them when they ask for any kind of electronic device.

One thing to keep in mind is the the importance of staying in contact with them when they are in school or out with friends. What is the proper age to let your child have a cellphone? And what is it as a parent we tend to worry about when they do have one? Imagine one day your child is home and is old enough to be on his or her own. Now if for whatever reason the plumbing in the house goes whacky, how will your child be able to contact you if there is no home phone.


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